All TypeScript 2.3 options for tsconfig.json (tsc --init)


Yesterday was released TypeScript 2.3 and one of the improvements was an easier startup with better help, richer init, and quicker strictness.

It means that TypeScript’s --init output so that potential options are explicitly listed out in comments. As an example, tsconfig.json output will look something like the following:

We can see how TypeScript team added a new flag called “strict” which is activated by default when create “tsc –init”.

--strict flag, which enables the following settings

  • --noImplicitAny
  • --strictNullChecks
  • --noImplicitThis
  • --alwaysStrict (which enforces JavaScript strict mode in all files) This --strict flag represents a set of flags that the TypeScript team believes will lead to the most optimal developer experience in using the language.

You can see the full options in the official wiki page as well.

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You can read the full list of what’s new in TypeScript and read TypeScript’s Roadmap to see what’s coming in the future!


Author: José Quinto
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