Update Page Layout by using JavaScript (JSOM) in Office 365


I’m going to show how to update or change the page layout for a given SharePoint page. That sounds quite straightforward, but we have to mind some important bits:

  • Check in, check out status of the current page or item we are changing.
  • CAML query using Page Layout as a FieldRef filter
  • Use SP.FieldUrlValue to update the Page Layout property.


I’d like to share the JSOM (JavaScript) code having in mind these assumptions:

  • we already have both layouts in the _catalogs/masterpage library
  • we are executing the JS code in the subsite in which we want to update the pages
  • we are iterating thru all the pages currently using pageLayoutToChange and set to them the new layout.



Author: José Quinto
Link: https://blog.josequinto.com/2017/01/19/update-page-layout-by-using-javascript-jsom-in-office-365/
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