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Enable SQL Azure access from Azure WebJobs by adding firewall rules using PowerShell

Hi, When we are developing custom Azure Web Apps or WebJobs, likely we will need access to Azure SQL database. Depends on the needs you will use Entity Framework, or direct Queries using Stored Procedures, but this is not the topic of this post. The topic today is how to allow our Azure WebJob to Read More →

How to Unzip Azure Blobs programmatically using Memory Streams in Azure WebJOBs

Hi, Recently I had to extract files from a .zip file stored on Azure Blob Storage in Azure WebJob process.   This is what I did from scratch: 1. Create WebJob project: 2. Create Non-continuous Azure WebJob: static void Main(){    var host = new JobHost();    host.Call(typeof(Functions).GetMethod(“MyMethod”));} public class Functions{       [NoAutomaticTrigger]        public static void Read More →