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Understanding Refinement Web Part on SharePoint 2013 Online (Office 365)

In SharePoint 2013, a new search web part named Refinement was introduced, which helps in narrowing down the search results. Refiners are based on managed properties from the search index. To use managed properties as refiners, the managed properties must be enabled as refiners, or crawled properties must be mapped to managed properties that are Read More →

How to include two Search Box controls in the same master page – SharePoint 2013–Office 365

Hi there, Working with SharePoint is typical we have to do little customizations in Branding, so it is really helpful to understand and know the Out-of-the-box controls or webparts that SharePoint provides. That could be a good time saver to meet our requirements easily. On this time, the requirement was to have two search controls Read More →

SharePoint 2013 JavaScript Search files classes reference – Refinement Web Part classes in detail

With SharePoint 2013, the search capabilities are heavily invested in and we see a lot of new JavaScript files in our pages. For example, in term of Search Result Pages, we have a lot of JavaScript files and functions. The goal of this post is to have like a API reference about these Search JS Read More →

Managed Property Types and Field Types equivalence

SharePoint Search Schema allow us to create Managed Properties in order to be able to use this properties in search queries. When we are creating Managed Properties we need to decide the type, and that is different from the type of the fields, so this is the equivalence: Managed Property Types: TextInteger Decimal DateTime YesNo Read More →

Filtering Result Source by List or Library Template in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 bring with a powerful search engine, remember MS Product Team included a lot of FAST features. So, in my opinion, one of the best features included are Result Sources ( It allows us to use search scopes and provided controlled and filtered sets of results. One of the first things I’d like to Read More →