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SharePoint 2013 Client Side Rendering: Register Templates Overrides in Detail

Introduction SharePoint 2013 Client Side Rendering (CSR) is used for defining a custom rendering in list views and list forms. That also apply to Office 365. You can see a good article about how CSR works. Note that JSLink and CSR are different things: – CSR: is a JavaScript framework used in SharePoint 2013 as Read More →

Change CSR Render Mode in Office 365 / SharEPoint 2013

Hi there, After SharePoint 2013 was introduced a new feature called Client Side Rendering (here a good overview). Using Client Side Rendering and JSLink, probably we have found something called CSR Render Mode, you can see in the above image: Server Render falls back to XSLT, while Standard and Custom are based on CSR. There Read More →

How to implement Validation to require Attachments in a SharePoint List Item creation in SharePoint 2013 using Client-side Rendering

One of the best improvements in SharePoint 2013 is JSLink or Client-side Rendering, because you can override the OOTB behavior of SharePoint Fields, Views, Items, New Form, Edit Form, View Form, etc.   In this case we’re going to implement attachment required validation in one SharePoint List.     (function () { _spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames.push(“showAttachmentsHere”); })(); (function Read More →

Create Thumbnails view using client-side rendering and OWA in SharePoint 2013

  I’m really impressed with client-side rendering in SharePoint 2013. Last week I had a requirement to create a new view type in SharePoint to allow users to see previews of documents in a grid instead using the typical format of SharePoint libraries. In SharePoint 2010, probably I would need to create custom webpart, or Read More →

SharePoint 2013 Blogs Tag Cloud using Client Side Rendering

One of the most missed features in SharePoint Blot Template (even in SharePoint 2013) is a Tag Cloud webpart to represent information about Posts Categories. Until now, I usually get done this task by using XSLT and this Waldek’s post: But, with SharePoint 2013, we have available CSR – Client Side Rendering and we Read More →

Customize Date Field style (CSS, JavaScript) using Client-side rendering in SharePoint 2013

Few weeks ago I posted about client-side rendering in SharePoint 2013: In this example, I overwrote a complete view for a List View Web Part, but now, we will override only a kind of field inside a List or Library. Main goal is achieve the result like below image, where we have a document Read More →

Customize the rendering of a XSLTListViewWebPart with Client-Side Rendering (CSR) in SharePoint 2013

We can use JavaScript or JQuery libraries in order to modify the rendering of a XSLTListViewWebPart in SharePoint 2013. To accomplish that, we can use JSLink property that is included in that webpart (since SharePoint 2013). More information about JSLink: All these SharePoint components or objects use JSLink property:   When we edit a Read More →