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Crear un Proyecto de SharePoint en Visual Studio 2013 para desplegar Web Controls (GAC, web.config, SafeControl and Register)

Han sido  bastantes las veces que he tenido que hacer un Web Control para incluirlo en la master page o page layout. El motivo de hacer un webcontrol en lugar de un webpart es que el webpart hay que añadirlo en cada una de las páginas de SharePoint y en WebControl se puede añadir en Read More →

Diseño de menu nav bar con CSS en SharePoint 2013

En el post de hoy quiero mostrar como personalizar el menú de navegación horizontal de SharePoint 2013 utilizando CSS. Para añadir el menú de navegación en nuestra página maestra de SharePoint, utilizaremos este código HTML:   Este código es ejecutado en tiempo de ejecución por el servidor de SharePoint, el cual devuelve al navegador este Read More →

Create Quick Links toggle lateral panel with jQuery

Today, I ‘d like to share with how to make a toggle panel using HTML, CSS and jQuery. After days researching and googling about this topic, I’m really happy with this solution because have clear design, contains fixed area and hyperlinks whatever you want. Even, you can integrate that in SharePoint environment using Client-side rendering Read More →

Meet our Team Page Design Compilation

Hi, I was investigating about a good design for a “Meet our Team” web part, so best way to do is copying the best parts of other designs already done. That is my compilation on links based on the best feature of each one: good hover: funny dynamic: a lot of information: Read More →

Customize Date Field style (CSS, JavaScript) using Client-side rendering in SharePoint 2013

Few weeks ago I posted about client-side rendering in SharePoint 2013: In this example, I overwrote a complete view for a List View Web Part, but now, we will override only a kind of field inside a List or Library. Main goal is achieve the result like below image, where we have a document Read More →

Relocate the “Show More Posts” button in Newsfeed webpart of SharePoint 2013

When we are working on stylize of My Site Newsfeed or Site Feed Web Part in SharePoint 2013, probably we should remove “show more posts” button from below. One solution, instead remove it, may be put it at the top (over title box).   The css code you need to use is: /* Reallocate Show Read More →

[Branding Tip] Custom Style in Newsfeed and Site Feed webpart in SharePoint 2013

Hi, A typical requirement in SharePoint 2013 intranets is the ability to customize styling of My Site Newsfeed or Site Feed Web Part. The MySite News Feed Web Part (also known as the MicroFeedWebPart) has roughly 181 related CSS classes in portal.css. I’d like to share with you a custom CSS included in SharePoint master Read More →