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How to integrate PnP JS Core and SharePoint Framework logging systems

Recently I was playing with PnP JS Core library, which basically is a wrapper of SharePoint Rest API that allows us to easily use it. I discovered some cool Features in this library which I really like them! For example, we are able to easily cache queries, do batches, and the library has a good Read More →

All TypeScript 2.3 options for tsconfig.json (tsc –init)

Yesterday was released TypeScript 2.3 and one of the improvements was an easier startup with better help, richer init, and quicker strictness. It means that TypeScript’s –init output so that potential options are explicitly listed out in comments. As an example, tsconfig.json output will look something like the following: We can see how TypeScript team Read More →

Boilerplate project for React, TypeScript, Webpack 2, postCSS, CSS-Modules and HMR

Hi, Few months ago, I was starting to use WebPack 2 and TypeScript on my React projects. To be fair with ES6 and Babel, I really enjoyed build applications with them and they are in my hearth and that is why I did other post as well, about how to build a new SPA with Read More →