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How to implement Validation to require Attachments in a SharePoint List Item creation in SharePoint 2013 using Client-side Rendering

One of the best improvements in SharePoint 2013 is JSLink or Client-side Rendering, because you can override the OOTB behavior of SharePoint Fields, Views, Items, New Form, Edit Form, View Form, etc.   In this case we’re going to implement attachment required validation in one SharePoint List.     (function () { _spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames.push(“showAttachmentsHere”); })(); (function Read More →

How to invoke Ribbon button in SharePoint 2013 by using JavaScript

Sometimes we need to emulate the behavior of Ribbon button from our custom webparts or automatically when onload the page. If we need to emulate the click action of Ribbon buttons we should use this JavaScript code:   (function () { _spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames.push(“emulateButtonFunction”); })(); function emulateButtonFunction() { var instance = SP.Ribbon.PageManager.get_instance(); if (instance) instance.get_commandDispatcher().executeCommand(“Ribbon.ListForm.Edit.Actions.AttachFile”, null); } Read More →

SharePoint List Site Collection Web Part Aggregator using SPSiteDataQuery and SPGridView

Hi, I had a requirement to create an Aggregation Web Part to combine information from different sites in the same site collection. Moreover, it need to be represented as a table with sortable, filterable and exportable features enabled. Basically similar behavior we have in SharePoint OOTB lists. We have here three main challenges: – Data Read More →